Joining Theta Tau is like joining a family of over 30,000 honest, talented, and dependable men and women who all have an engineering mindset. You will form bonds and friendships which will last your entire life. You have friends you have never met in any city you move to. Your brothers will be there when times are hard, and your brothers will be there at your wedding. Your brothers will always be there, because your brothers in Theta Tau are your family.


Members of Theta Tau often live together, work together, have fun together, and geek out together in college and for many years to come. Student member activities often include camping, participating in sports, hiking, traveling, and most importantly having fun with your best friends.


Theta Tau often engages in different athletic events. These events range from participating in intramural sports, to hiking, to impromptu games basketball games.

Brothers Are Family

Members of Theta Tau are a family. People join because they are looking for something more from their college experience.