Professional Development

In Theta Tau we are dedicated to growing our members both in and outside the classroom, and jump starting our members’ careers. We seek to develop our members into leaders in engineering and our community, and building personal and professional networks which will last a lifetime.


Whether you work at a startup with 50 people, a national lab with 10,000, or you’ve moved across the country, it’s common for members of Theta Tau to find that they work with other brothers wherever they go. Student members are able to take on unique leadership roles, participate in resume and interview workshops, work on exciting engineering projects, host company events, attend special guest panel discussions, and always have a friendly face to study with in Noble.

Collegiate Excellence

Academic excellence is at the forefront of the minds of members of Theta Tau. We are proud to have so many of our members graduating with honors. Members are also often involved in different honors societies and associations.

Industry Engagement

Theta Tau frequently holds different professional development events targeted at engaging with different industry leaders. These events range from bringing in special guests for lectures or panel discussions to on site visits where we get a chance to see some of the technical marvels in our own back yard.

We also have a wealth of alumni contacts who are able to perform resume critiques, interview workshops, and often like to recruit from within Theta Tau.

Learning is Fun

Ambition and turning ideas into reality is a key component of why our fraternity was founded. Our motto is "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;..." --Ecclesiastes 9:10. The best projects you will work on in life are the ones you are excited about and you think are fun. Whether the types of projects that excite you are building 30 foot rockets, designing wind tunnels, welding, building arcade machines, or anything else, you’ll have a-lot of fun building projects with other members of Theta Tau.